Hardest spanking

Looking back on my childhood, I can vividly recall the hardest spanking I ever received from my parents. However, as challenging as that punishment was, it pales in comparison to the toughest discipline I endured from Paul, my mother’s boyfriend at the time. This incident took place during a particularly difficult period in my first year of senior school, where I found myself relentlessly bullied by a group of girls.

This resulted in my mother facing consequences from Children’s Services, with a warning about the potential severe outcomes if my truancy persisted. She even threatened that Paul would administer the hardest spanking of all if I continued playing truant. Initially, I wasn’t too worried, having experienced spankings from strict male teachers at school. I believed Paul wouldn’t be any exception. How mistaken I was!

Hardest spanking

The next day, I once again disobeyed and skipped school. That evening, Paul came over to our house. Just after I finished my bath, my mum called me downstairs, asking me to wrap a towel around myself. I complied, already knowing the reason but remaining unfazed. As I stood in the lounge, completely naked, facing my mum, sister, and Paul, I received a lecture and a warning about the consequences of my continued truancy, which included the possibility of the spanking.

The Hardest Spanking: A Painful Experience

With a hint of sarcasm, I laid myself over Paul’s lap and presented my bottom up in the air, inviting the hardest spanking. His hand came down so hard on my bottom that I was left breathless and in immense pain. The following smack on my other cheek intensified the stinging sensation, echoing the spanking I had ever experienced. Despite my sister’s pleas for him to stop, he held my hands behind my back and continued the spanking, each smack harder than the last.

Each smack of this spanking ever was more painful than the previous one, and there was little I could do apart from cry and kick my legs. Eventually, the spanking stopped, and amidst sobs, I managed to utter apologies and promises about my future behavior. Despite my pleas, he wasn’t convinced and proceeded to resume what was turning out to be the spanking I had ever endured. My numb bottom and the relentless smacks consumed my mind, and I struggled to free myself in vain.

Only when the spanking finally ended did I manage to regain some semblance of dignity. Paul sat me on his lap, and after my sobbing subsided, he repeated his lecture, this time in a softer and more empathetic tone. As I looked at my reddened bottom in the mirror later, I realized it was indeed the hardest spanking I’d ever gotten, and gratefully, one I’d never experience again.

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